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Hello again,
I have few other questions:

• Is it possible to choose another color for highlights? There is already quite much blue and I'de rather had them in a warmer easier way to see the highlghts immediately.

• How can one fix a hard space (to avoid having a ":" at a sentence beginning)?

• When searching a glyphs (":" in my case), they appear all in a list, but won't be highlighted all at once.

• When clicking on a found element in the list, the highlight happens only if I select the "A" icon in the UI. It turns back to "A-frame" each time I click on the next searching line. With few dozen of the identical glyphe to be checked, it soon gets heavy.


In the meanwhile, Publisher quitted, and something changes when reopened. I went on with correcting the none hard spaced ":" and notice that, with "A-frame" icon on, a grey highlight appears now with search line selected.

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Just thinking: 

The ideal would be being able to select all the similar elements and replace them all by the same but hard space one.

(But maybe it allready is, and I am just overseeing it because of my lack of knowledge...)

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