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MS-Publisher converted to Affinity-Publisher

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I converted a Microsoft-Publisher file to an Affinity-Publisher file. The process seems to be the same for original files out of PagePlus, InDesign and QuarkXPress.

Make a PDF. Open it in Affinity Publisher, Favour editable...: No, Group lines...: Yes.

Delete all empty layers (the ones that show nothing...).

Delete the text of the first text-frame (don't delete the frame). Open the original program: PagePlus, InDesigne etc. Copy and paste the content of the first text-frame: the fonts and formats remain the same. Connect the frames that must be connected.

The table has about 140 rows (it shows the 140 ways to enter the Wallis/Valais). I placed it as text-frame per copy and paste in a new Affinity project, A1. Then I made - on the same page - an Affinity table: same number of colums and rows. Select all the cells in the original table, copy. Select all the cells in the Affinity table. Paste in.

The file here is 10% of a book of 1998. The layout will be changed to double side A4 landscape so that large panoramas can be used. Most of the pictures will be exchanged (here they are all analogs).



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In the Beta Version, the PDF-Opener is now better. There are significantly less empty layers, i.e. layers with empty frames.

It's unfortunately untrue: one time, when I open the pdf, there are many layers with empty frames on all pages, another time with the same pdf, there are nearly none...

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It is easier than I thought: on every page, you see the layers with empty frames. You delete them.



Then you control in the history. There should not change anything that is visible.



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