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Non-Destructive Warp Tool or Live Filter

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Why they dont launch the version that they have right now and the continue update it??

They are giving time to another graphics designers to move back to another software again. A bunch of peoples moved to Affinity, but now some are moving back to another softwares, I not want do that, but there tools that I need that Affinity dont have yet. In 2019 the percentage of peoples that use affinity will decrease if they dont launch at least one version with new tools. C'mon Serif, we need your power before 2019 Please!!

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I know how you feel mate. 

Even Microsoft Publisher has non-destructive custom warps LOL. 

It's a pain having to recreate everything from scratch if you want to modify the text of a warped text, or modify a path. Or modify the warp itself.

2018! Hello? It's a vital feature!

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I can do the Wrap in affinity Photo, but it convert it to a Pixel Layer, the ironic is that I want do something in Affinity Designer, then I have to wrap the text or object in Affinity Photo, it convert it to a Pixel and then I have to use another software for trace the bitmap of this Pixel with the Wrap and then pass to Affinity Designer and continue working... Nobody want to do that. I'm just doing it because I want use Affinity Software, but is too much work and sometimes the trace bitmap no do the work well and I have to edit the nodes... I think that I will gonna stop using affinity for a while because despite that it have good workflow, doing some things, make me behind in my projects.

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I recon they'll get there soon. I just keep illustrator cs5 knocking around for the stuff that Designer currently can't do: vector warps, select by fill, node reduction, simple vector 3d 

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Yes.. please... These options are essential to experiment with! ( Specially for Logo Design). Please consider these tools for the next  Affinity Designer 1.7  update... or even for the next 2.0 paid update (hopefully not too far away) :)

Group a bunch of objects and apply a live distortion effect.

Something like this is easy in Illustrator ( takes a few second to set up) and you can experiment with the options until you are happy with the results, and even change them if you need them on the fly.

I'm guessing to do it in Designer you would need to draw each variation manually.... !  imagine that... 




Fernando Velarde


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