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Trouble making Stars - Zooms adjusts density

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I have made a pixel layer from noise and adjustment layers and have rasterized a pixel layer, and still when I zoom in or out, the density of stars changes, and I have no idea what the export output will be as it is not consistent. I've attached the file to test out yourself and some images displaying the different zoom levels and one showing that it is just a pixel layer enabled








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Try this

  1. Create a rectangle that fills the document (I used white as the fill colour)
  2. Select Filters > Noise > Perlin Noise...
    1. Octaves: 6px
    2. Zoom: 50px
    3. Persistence: 100px
  3. Now select the Add Noise Live Filter
    1. Intensity: about 50%
  4. Now select the Curves adjustment Filter
    1. Pull the line down to look like this

You should end up with something like this

Zoom in and out to your hearts content and adjust those filters like ya life depended on it :D

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You file does not load for me, looks like a corrupted upload

I think the official line for when things look different at different zoom levels is that you should view it at 100% to see what the exported image would most resemble.


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