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Recommended DTP Learning Resources?

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I'm new to desktop publishing but now Publisher is available I really want to learn. I know Affinity have their tutorials, but they assume a level of DTP experience I think. Anyone know of any good fundamental DTP teaching courses....I have used Pages but hate it - like many of you I've been waiting for Publisher for a long time - so want to learn properly rather than hack myself around.


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This is one of the few areas in creative design that are best served by learning from books, IMO, more so than other types of apps like video editors, audio, 3D, animation, etc. Often the book itself will have interesting layout features that demonstrate the concepts being shown. Which books you need depend on what you're doing. I would go to Amazon and type a few simple searches like "page layout and design books" "logo design books" etc. Seek out the ones with the highest number of verified, non-one-line reviews. You should find some good stuff.

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Cineman's recommendation is a good one. Just pick one or two that are not really application specific even though they may well use a particular application as to a how to do something. So maybe one or two of the ones John McWade has produced.

Everyone learns differently. I myself learn best by doing. Whether it is honing graphic design, layout or whatnot, I look for designs that I like. So say for book layout, look carefully at books on your shelf and/or at a local book store. There will be ones you really like and may not even really know why. So take a picture of those and then recreate it in APub. Same goes for magazine & book covers, insides of magazines, etc. Use the forum and ask how to do certain features of a layout that you are having issues with and include an image and point out the area of where you are having difficulty.

I find layouts here, on Facebook groups that others post that are a challenge. In helping them I help myself. So be observant and involved.

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