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Spread SetUp Keeps Reverting

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No matter how many times I change the Spread SetUp (whether I do it for Current, Selected, or All), it reverts to this (see attached). I tried selecting Type: Print, Page Preset: Custom, Dimensions 8" x 10" Portrait, but then when I go back to check it, it automatically reverts to what you see. I'm using Sierra on a mid-2012 MBP.

Also, is there any way to change the Document Dimensions once you've opened a project? I can't figure out how to do a bleed on only the external dimensions, not the gutter. Because of that, I just wanted to include it myself in the doc dimensions, but I couldn't figure out how to change them. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 9.02.48 AM.png

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I have reproduced some of what you've described here, the Type dropdown/portait unit boxes can all get put into a state where they aren't remembered the next time the dialog opens.

I have logged this behaviour for the developers to look into. I haven't been able to reproduce the inability to change the dimensions, if I set my dialog up similar to your screenshot any changes I enter into the Dimension input boxes are remembered on next open. Are you still having trouble with that part?


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Basically the same problem; under Spread Setup / Dimensions button, Page Preset slider, I can change the dimensions, however under the page preset description it always reverts to <Custom>. The resizing of the spread seems to work OK.

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