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Alternative fast ways how to apply text styles and copy&past text characteristics

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I have not found (yet) any request (except for one) for other ways how to apply text styles. I Personally use very often Dropper tool or Quick Apply function (InDesign). Of course, that I also use own keyboard shortcuts, but mentioned alternatives are often really useful, super fast and easy. It would be Great to have them...

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16 hours ago, Fixx said:

Keyboard shortcuts in styles is nicely executed. I like!

I believe You:-) I use dozens of paragraph and text styles, especially for multi-language texts. Remembering dozens of shortcuts is good for androids. It’s Better to name styles clear and the tool like Quick Apply works like a magic (universal shortcut + few characters). About the Dropper tool – Especially during early design process I don’t care about creating or naming styles... 

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My favorite way: setting the "Next style" option in the paragraph styles, creating "object styles" with options "Apply paragraph style" and if needed checking "and next styles".

Once done, I've got a script that work in different ways :

  • If frames are selected: apply object style (=> will apply the paragraph styles depending of the object's style options). Work with differents frames and object's styles or linked frames.
  • If paragraphes are selected: apply again its own style to the 1st paragraph, and the next styles to the other paragraphes (can be use for headline > lead > body + drop cap > body, or other stuctured infos: book title > autor > details > resume… rinse and repeat :))
  • Other similar options for applying styles depending of selection…

This way, I apply paragraph styles and erase local or old formatting. I only need to know few shorcuts (for usual character styles bold, italic, bold italic, heading and byline) and apply "manually" other styles if needed.

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