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Fill not behaving as expected on selection

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I am having an issue with the fill function not behaving as expected on a selection in Affinity Photo on the Mac.

I am trying to fill an area of an image in white.

Please see attached screenshots of the problem:
1. Selection
2. Preview of fill in white (looks fine)
3. End result of fill (does not look fine)
4. End of result of fill with the selected area deselected.

As you can see the fill along the top edge of the selected area is not coming out as expected or indeed previewed and is creating a kind of artifact/rough edge. This is undesirable.

I have tried messing about with the refine options of the selection including feathering etc but have been unable to improve the situation as the preview here also looks fine. Additionally I have tried to just paint the selection in white however the same issue still arises.   This is not a one off either, this is happening in different areas with different selections.

I am very new to Affinity Photo admittedly and am just getting started but have searched the web and been unable to find anything specifically related to this problem.

I would be grateful for any help as it is driving me nuts or to know if this is in fact a bug.

Many thanks



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Hi sam8perry,

I've just tried on an image I've got and I don't believe this is a bug. When you made your selection, it appears from the screenshots that you have 'Antialiasing' enabled. What this does is tries to create a smooth transition on a stepped selection (like the top part of your selection), however to do this it creates a selection (that is less than 50% opaque) which isn't visible from the 'marching ants'. When this area is then filled, that colour is partially added to those areas (depending on how opaque that selection was). This can be seen using the Quick Mask button on the toolbar!

However if you disable 'Antialias' and then make your selection it doesn't attempt to smooth it out and will just select the areas shown, with no smoothing or feathering (unless you then use refine).

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