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Rasterize bluring images

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Hello, I have When attempting to rasterize the "image" layer, AP (AD probably also but I have not tested) destroys bitmaps and blurs them. This significantly hinders work. Is there any way to avoid this problem? I would like to be able to use the clipboard and not worry about the program spoiling everything when attempting to rasterize layer. maybe you can detect that there is a bitmap in the clipboard and use an algorithm that will keep the data intact? By the way, what is the purpose of pasting bitmaps from the clipboard into the "image" layer. If you want to be able to work normally on it (cut or copy selected areas) you have to rasterize it in the end. I do not want to save every bitmap to hdd and then open it. This extends the working time terribly.

Pasted bitmap:



And after "Rasterize":



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Hi RosomakPL,
Make sure the image X,Y coordinates (and dimensions) in the Transform panel are integer values before rasterising the layer. Enable Force Pixel Alignment (and disable Move By Whole Pixels) in the main toolbar to prevent moving/transforming the image using non-integer values.

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Ha, great! Big thanks for explanation! if I can suggest, I could use the "round coordinates" button in transform panel. You would not have to correct it manually with keyboard.

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