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Explanation of AffinityPhoto adjustments, etc?

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I recently purchased AffinityPhoto and now making my way through the AffinityPhoto Workbook ( http://a.co/d/bmZJaJH ).

While the Workbook examples are easy to follow, the Workbook doesn't explain the "when" and "why" behind the steps taken, and I haven't (yet) found a basic explanation of the impact of the various adjustments, filters and such within AffinityPhoto. Consequently, I don't have a framework to guide me through what feature(s) to use based on typical issues encountered in the RAW file.

Does a basic tutorial or guide exist that explains what AffinityPhoto is "doing" through its features to the RAW format? Would a generic book on digital photography answer these kinds of questions (e.g. http://a.co/d/gRrCBe3 ), or does one learn how to image edit based primarily on trial-and error?



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Hi TheBobK,

Welcome to the forums :)

We haven't made any generic photo editing tutorials as of yet, as our tutorials tend to focus on the features of Affinity and how they are used, rather than the why.

However we have a great community that have put together their own tutorials, some similar to ours showing features and their usual usage, but others are somewhat more generic to photo editing itself.
I've included a few threads below, I can specifically recommend drippy cats tutorials as they are aimed at beginners and those who have little experience editing photos altogether.

You may find that a generic 'photo editing' book may help you, but of course without reading or creating these ourselves, we can't really comment on their effectiveness!

Personally I have recently gotten into the editing game, after buying my first DSLR. I've read a few online articles and watched a plethora of youtube videos surrounding why you would use certain editing techniques, or how you should build the composition of your shot, but when it came down to it I certainly found that trial and error worked best for me. I'd implement any of the knowledge I'd gained from reading/watching these generic guides and then just play with the image until I was closer to the end result that I wanted.

The most important thing (and this will sound cheesy) is that you have fun with it! :D

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Thanks for your comments and for the links which included video along the lines that I was seeking - the when and why of workflow. I'll check out the related Udemy courses next.



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