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Rasterizing/trimming in Photo/Designer

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I would really like the ability to merge different objects (embedded images, curves, etc) together without them being cropped to the document/artboard size. Currently the only option is to rasterize and this cuts off anything outside the document. I can see the benefits of having it this way but it doesn't even leave enough to fill the bleed area set in the document setup.

I know ideally all images should be prepared to include any extra size you need but often a lot of experimentation happens when preparing the image in the space you plan to use it in and it would be nice to be able to rasterize trimming.

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I consider this behaviour a serious bug. Affinity apps are focused on non-destructive editing, but in this case this concept is skipped / failed. To tell you the truth, I met with something like this for the first time. Other graphics programs that I worked with did not cut layers at their discretion. Please, Please Affinity Team fix this!

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