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Affinity iPad Student

Gestures set to touch only in tools still erases?

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I have my gestures set for touch only, I still manage to erase with my finger when using eraser tool?

I don’t recall this happening before? I use eraser tool all the time. 


I tried turning on and off “gesture for touch only” and both instances still allow me to erase with my finger??





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Me too very interested in the fix of this bug. To work is becoming frustrating.

The app really fantastic and wonderful for professional work, but please, fix this problem as soon as possible! ^_^

Is there any chance to know when will be released the next update with this (and others) bugs fixed?

Many thanks for the hard work!!!

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On 9/17/2018 at 1:43 AM, GabrielM said:

Hi @Affinity iPad Student,

"Touch for gestures only" will disable the touch just for the brush tool and the pencil tool. You can still use touches for all the other operations. This has already been logged with our developers. 

moved to bugs



This has been an issue with designer from the very start and has been brought up as an issue since then, now with the update to photo it’s an issue there. 

I would rather NOT have this problem rather than all the nice touch gestures that came with the update (and I do love two fingers to undo... a LOT) 

This bug has cause so much frustration, so many things I’ve had to undo, so much time wasted, so many rage quits. 

Not every tool needs Apple pencil only, but MOST really do. 

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1 hour ago, kingbee said:

Any update from the dev team? Please help to fix!

I add my request about this issue. Please dev team, fix this, it’s really frustrating!

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