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1.6.9 (gestures bug) (RESOLVED)

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While typing on another app, even at times while I was typing up the problem here in Affinity, I noticed mistypes, delayed response to my tap of a button. That’s when it hit me, troubleshoot.


Not going to detail all the trouble shooting I did, it was for naught. The real issue here was this:

Even though your ipad screen looks clean, feels clean (non greasy) it may still gather some kind of invisible film. I sprayed my screen, wiped it down with micro fiber. Problem fixed. That simple.


Moderator you may delete this thread if you’d like.  




First: Powerful update! Just powerful! Thank you.

Hey, I don’t know how you manage to pay your employees, with so many free updates. I’m more than willing and will happily pay for a future super powerful update. I think you guys more than deserve it and I want you around forever so.. keep hat in mind. Doesn’t hurt to charge once in awhile to meet shareholder expectations or pay off some bills. I’m pretty sure the community agrees here. Just don't go Adobe monthly sub way. Once in awhile, it’s understandable. 




I’ve watched the new gestures guide. Mostly still the same. Specifically for rotate image, gesture still the same - my issue is here.



ROTATION CONCUSSION: Rotating the image around with two fingers, while I’m zoomed in on or not - is sporadically making the image jump into wrong coordinates. Example: While rotating, the image would instantly move vertically upwards as if I took two fingers and flung it, in that direction. 

UNRESPONSIVE: Same example, using two fingers to rotate or pan the image, Affinity Photo totally unresponsive to touch, gestures. This reminds me of similar issue I had last year after your first update. 

Rotation is set to on in tools,  gestures used for gestures only in tools.

TROUBLESHOOT: Closed out app, Closed Background Apps, Restarted Device. Update triggered this issue, working fine before then. 


SPECS: iPad Pro 10.5, Latest iOS 11.4.1, 238 gigs available.

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I have this problem too, I suppose it came out when they had the “undo” gesture tap with two fingers that may has interfer with the zoom/rotate gesture. If i have the eraser tool on, this will erase  my drawing by the time I am trying to zoom or rotate, and sometimes I  noticed only too late I have erased important lines.

And very happy for the updates too.


edit; I just oticed that when I zoom in and out/rotate, I must use the fingers of my 2 different hands for it to work. So  ye, now it works eh...kind of. 

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This sounds like one finger is touching the screen before the second finger does. Both fingers need to touch at the same time for it to work properly. It takes a little getting used to. I can invoke what you are describing by touching one finger slightly before the other. Other than that it works fine for me. 

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 13.5.1   Affinity Photo 1.8.3 .180   Affinity Design Publisher for iPad (2020?)

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