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Quixel is a suite that allows for texturing and coloring/shading of 3d models.. its a photoshop plugin.. Im also a 3d modeler and looking for ways that can integrate AP a lot more closely. I think Quixel would but a great add-on for the 3d modeling community. Now there are other ways for sure to get the results, but quixel offers a quick way of doing it and I don't plan on going back to photoshop lol. I know that there are others who also are interested in this as well as I've done research before posting this so its not a personal request, as much as its a community desire. Anyhow thanks for the programs in general. I know you all work hard and Im still thankful for what they are now and whats offered.

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Absolutely impossible (well, as good as), unfortunately. Quixel is completely integrated in Photoshop's scripting API and built-in 3d functionality. It is far more than a mere simple classic plugin.

To make this happen for Affinity Photo would require:

  1. scripting support, which none of the Affinity products have;
  2. built-in native 3d and texturing functionality, which Photo lacks;
  3. an API with deeply integrated GUI options (no scripting, let alone a highly functional API in Photo);
  4. smart objects, which Photo lacks;
  5. and a complete rewrite of a version of Quixel for Affinity Photo.

Not happening, I'd say. Or at least, not in the upcoming decade. We are lucky to get smart object functionality by 1.7, but more probably this will be added sometime next year (hopefully before the end of 2019).

And to be sure, Quixel looks a bit old in the teeth when compared with Allegorithmic's Substance products. And those will work without the bloated Photoshop requirement.

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Indeed, Allegorithmic has the industry standard now with  Substance Painter and Designer, just as much as Zbrush (or even more, as that one at lest as some slight competition in Mudbox and 3D Coat, but at companies, for games, VR, etc...Allegorithmic won the battle for PBR workflows. Is only at other level, Mari, and I'd say, mostly for film or the like.... I did put a bunch of money in sth like Deep Paint 3D, back in the day... today u can do that stuff even with blender.... But substance Painter and Designer are an entire other ball game. And is not subscription based, tho u can purchase a final version like in monthly payments (extremely different to renting...)

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Substance Painter/Designer are amazing but they are still missing support for text on paths and sadly many fonts aren`t supported.
For such tasks thou, Affinity Photo/Designer are even with their current features sufficient,  just slap some styles on the text for the normalmap creation, export and use it and its done.

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