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I'm not entirely certain if this has already been covered in another thread, but I'm sorely missing the ability to automatically have text resized to fit the frame.

This feature does exist in the PagePlus program, so I'm hopeful it's just yet to be implemented?


As a side note, the closest reference I have been able to find to this type of feature in the Affinity forums is resizing the frame to the text, which was in an old feature request for the Designer beta. Needless to say, this is rather the opposite of what I would like to happen.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide!

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Thanks for the follow up. I'm quite impressed with both the overall beta and forum interactions, and look forward to all the new features and improvements you're working on putting in.

Not quite on topic, but would it be wise to assume a roadmap of potential feature additions won't be generally available until after the first public release?

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