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End Access-lock on closing of file (Not AD)

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Hi all, 

Request: release file-access lock on closing of active file within AD. 

Example 1: I use AD with cloud-storage backup (eg. OneDrive) and frequently find that a file will not update remotely until I have closed Affinity entirely. That is; after saving changes to design and closing the file on CompA, I move to CompB (attached to my laser cutter) and find that the file has not updated. I return to CompA, close Affinity Designer, and go back to CompB; the file has now updated and matches version on CompA. 

Example 2: I am sifting through generically named .ai on my HDD searching for vectors I will be using; I find one and would like to rename it in-place. I close the file in AD, but Windows prevents me from renaming the file because it is being accessed. I close AD, and the access lock releases, allowing me to rename the file. I now must re-open AD to continue my work.

In both cases, my workflow would be improved if AD could be coaxed to release the access lock when the file is closed within the program, and not upon closing of the program.


If my instance is misbehaving, I welcome feedback on how to correct this behavior. Also understand that it could be a quirk within W10 (I am far from enamoured with this crumby OS but can't switch for a variety of reasons).

Thanks in advance for consideration and/or feedback.
(and sorry if this has been addressed before; did a search but didn't see anything on the topic.)

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Was curious if there is any feedback on this as to feasibility etc. Or if there is a way that I can more clearly communicate what I am seeking feedback on. 



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