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I would like to be able to see the in focus areas of my RAW images. I found a menu for FOCUS but the only option to check is greyed out. I have attached a screen shot. I have searched and cannot even find a reference to this menu anywhere. What is this supposed to do other than show you the focus EXIF of your image? And, how would one go about seeing a focus overlay on the RAW image? 

Thank you for your time and have a good one!


Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 9.52.17 PM.png

Lisa Rose

Atlanta, GA

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I only know of one app; Capture One, that can highlight/colour mask in-focus area's. As far as I am aware, Affinity doesn't have this capability.

Unless someone knows of a workaround technique?

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That is the focus POINTS used by the camera. It does not show what is actually in focus is the photo. 

You have to use a more clever image editor @lisarose66. Capture One can - but it is expensive. Since any camera supports focus peaking live these days other programs must support it. This is how it looks in Capture One Pro:



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Yip that function only shows up (blends in) the used focus points for the autofocus method area (focus point field type) and it seems not to work for certain RAW files where this information is decripled inside the Exif data maker note sections. At least during my tries with some Nikon NEFs.

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