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Going through the tutorials up to linked Text Frames, believe there are a number of stability issues.

1) Ghost Frames

Having set up the Text Frames for Heading and Body Text, there are ghost versions on 'canvas' adjacent to page 1 (ghostFrames)ghostFrames.thumb.JPG.b35edc9f5f3e0aa7949a0c6b45733c00.JPG

2) Duplicated Frames.

Even though I have NOT deliberately applied the MasterPage style, all the pages have it applied. If I remove an object from one page, all objects go.(duplicatedFrames)


3) Very buggy text Styles.

When trying to either save or apply Text Styles, they are not saved and/or applied reliably (textStyles)











And  (textStyles2)












4) Similar problem with the Body format being picked up. When I changed the font colour in the Text Frames (body) they did not automatically update and even though I had changed the Body color using the Text Style "Update Paragraph", selecting this did not change the font color in the first Text Frame...

None of this happens in The Mac version which I am also playing with side-by-side.


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Hi @RichardM,

Apologise for the delayed reply. 

We've had quite a few updates in the meantime,  and I suggest you try these in the latest builds: 



If you still have issues, please come back with step-by-step instructions so we can try and replicate it. 



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No problem, know you will be busy.

1) Playing with 170139 for Windows.

Still a problem with the way the colour picker (top right) functions.

The 'picked colour swatch', does NOT pick up the colour from the dropper. The 'stroke fill' does when object is selected.. colorPicker.mp4 attached

This is frustratingly different to the behaviour of the other programmes..

2) This is NOT a problem with OSX version.

However, in OSX, the Double Arrow cursor (for sizing the panels) appears when the Single Arrow cursor goes over the Colors Tab on the panel on the RIGHT and does not revert immediately to the Arrow. 

cursor.mov file attached.

That is all for the moment.


By the way, there is no consistency between the 3 programmes, Designer, Photo and now Publisher, as far as the tools on the Left hand side are concerned. There is no attempt to group common tools and then put other unique tools to follow in a logic fashion.  Totally "A over T".  Image attached. 


I trust we are going to get complimentary copies of full release in due course, for all this testing...



Somehow the movies I uploaded have gone out of sequence adn one is duplicated. I can not do anything about it, I tried to delete but no good.



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