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Hey, because the discussion board is full of requests and I don't really know where to put my thoughts and experiences from the first run of Affinity Publisher I put them here in a quick list for further discussion


  •     Doubleclick on Color in Color selector opens a different dialog to a doubleclick on a swatch
  •     mac OS Proxy Icons for file management
  •     monochrome tool icons

Color Management / Spot Colors:

  •     Device independent color workflow
  •     generally mixed colorspaces (like in Indesign and PDF)
  •     Overprint preview, separations preview
  •     Better Overprint/Spot-Color-Management
  •     Make Spot Color from existing color
  •     Spot Colors in LAB-Color-Space for PDF Export    

Document Management 

  •     Spreads which consist of more than two sides
  •     Printing Booklets / Imposition 


  •     select Pages for export by a list of numbers
  •     Use .joboptions for the definition of pdf-Properties (really important)
  •     Define PDF-X Output Intend
  •     Export print separations / separated color channels
  •     Interactive PDFs with page transitions and video content


  •     IDML

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