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Linking Margins doesn’t update the values

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This seems like a bug to me. In the New File Dialog, you kindly added the possibility to link the margins, so you only have to write your value once. 

But if there are already different values in the fields, and you click on the „link“ symbol, the values aren’t updated and matched. In my opinion, clicking the link should automatically set all values to the same value (preferably the left margin, because it is the first field). Ideally the other three fields would even be greyed out or removed, and the field should be renamed to just „Margin“. But just letting different values as they are, even after you linked them, seems very odd. 

The same behavior would be applicable to similar situations, like the bleed dialog, etc. 

Attached a screenshot with the actively linked fields with different values.

Linking Margin Values doesn't update.png

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@rcheetah Here is a neat work around that gives the user more flexibility than just having all fields update to the first field when the link button is pressed. After pressing the link button, select any field you want all margins to match and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Then all fields will match that value. As I said, this gives you even greater flexibility for which value will apply to all margins no matter which field holds that value.

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