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Affinity Publisher removing previously exported PDF file

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I accidentally posted about this in another thread since I was initially having issues with another problem when this one presented itself. Currently working with build

For the most part, if I make a file as normal, save it, then export it to a PDF it works as it should. Now, let's say you've made a few that needs to be split into 2 separate pages for some reason and then go back to export the first page and the second via the dropdown menu for Area set to current page. What I've found is that the previously exported file is instantly removed during this process and it does not allow you to rename the new file to something else before the old file is removed. Thinking I had done something wrong, I go back and try to export the next page and try to rename it to another name, only now that previously exported file that had a different name is now gone. This sort of behavior also presents itself if you save the file into separate folders as well. The only time it does not do this is if the file is open in another program (say Adobe PDF viewer) or has been renamed within File Explorer right after it's been exported.

Now, what's odd is that this sort of behavior does not occur in Affinity Designer and Photo at all and I can generate as many differently named PDF files as I want. Exporting JPEG's, PNG, and even PSD all appear to export fine, just not PDF.

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