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Book cover spine?

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If I understand you right I’ve already flagged this up with Affinity that the pages tab should be capable of creating more than a two page spread and that it should have the ability to individually change page widths as in InDesign there by making it easy to create a book jacket with spine. Got a Luke warm response that it might, MIGHT be included at some time in the future.....don’t hold your breath as I got the impression they don’t think it a priority. This issue will prevent many creatives from switching while this issue persists. 

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They won't be to get everything right out of the gate.  While I agree they will need to implement this before some users will consider making the switch, there are still lots of use cases for the software even without that, so they seem to be focused right now on getting rid of bugs in the features they do have and making a stable build available for people who can use it with the current features, then I would hope they would make this one of the early priorities for things to add after that.

It seems 1.7 will be the first "stable" release and will undoubtedly make a lot of people quite happy (including me) but it might be 2.0 before you could really start to compare it with InDesign and the like.

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This. :)

I'm with you on this one. We need a spine feature. Sure, I can calculate it and use guides but it would be a great time saver if I could adjust spine width on the go.

Especially when the client gets back to you wanting to fit extra chapter in there. Most of the time I start a cover art project without final book measurements. Once I get them I always have to adjust the spine.

Rulers should have that option. Like set 0 in the middle of your spread and adjust spine width from there. Once you set the spine width with rulers it should apply guides automatically.

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7 hours ago, MartinEM said:

Like set 0 in the middle of your spread

You can change the ruler origin by dragging from the point where the two rulers intersect.

Unfortunately this does not have an effect on the grid or on the setting of guides at this time.

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