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Paul Martin

Creating /importing colour schemes

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I found this a right palaver. The options are all there, of course, but the way to use them is non-obvious. Topic for a tutorial, perhaps?

And, once again, surely anyone who does work for organisations has to bring in "house styles" - so that would be fonts, of course, simple graphics etc. You really do want to be up and running quickly with stuff like that once past the beta stage.

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Yeah, either someone at Affinity had a groundbreaking vision of a better workflow, when they implemented this, then it's obviously my fault for not getting it, and so we need a tutorial, or...

...or: Or nobody thought about this well enough, because they had other things to do (which there is quite enough left to do)


hmn... :35_thinking:   I think it's the latter one.;)

  • Production-System: iMac (21,5-inch, Late 2013), 16GB RAM, 2TB nvme-SSD, running on 10.14.5 Mojave;
  • Display Setup: 27" Thunderbolt Display primary + 21,5" iMac-Display secondary for palettes;
  • Keyboard-Layout: German apple extended keyboard (aluminum);


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