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CA Chou

Issue of install

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I tried to install affinity-photo- on my surface 4. The window for install is too small to be clicked to complete install process and I cannot change the size. I tried to install affinity on other laptop without problems. How to fix this problem? install_fail.thumb.jpg.7c67077edcca44813f413f38f026abf6.jpg

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Hi CA Chou,

This is an unfortunate issue that has been introduced by Windows 10 1803 update. From what we know it affects WPF applications that are using the Intel HD graphics chipset.

Could you try to check if there are any new drivers available to your machine? If so please update those and try again.
If you're running the latest drivers, does your  laptop have a secondary graphics card like an NVidia or ATI chip? If so there maybe a way to force it to use them.

If you do not there is another way we can help get the application installed and running.

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Hi there Sean,

I am experiencing the same problem above. The only difference us, I still experience the same problem after updating all the drivers.

Appreciate if you could elaborate on "there is another way we can help get the application installed and running".


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Hi wechia,

I can indeed! I've attached a zip file containing two registry files. One adds the 'DisableHWAcceleration' value to the registry, and the other removes this. This means you can disable the hardware acceleration that is causing the installer to not display. Please follow my steps below:

  1. Run the 'DisableHWAcceleration_On.reg' - as mentioned above this adds the 'DisableHWAcceleration' value to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Avalon.Graphics\ key in the registry.
  2. Run the Affinity Installer - you should now be able to see it correctly.
  3. Install Affinity as normal
  4. Run the 'DisableHWAcceleration_Off.reg' file - this removes the change to avoid any adverse effects with any other applications.
  5. Run Affinity up - I imagine you will get the results similar to the installer where you just get the title bar. If you do continue, if not then great!
  6. Find the shortcut you use to start Affinity or create a new one and add --no-hw-ui (best to copy and paste this) to the end of the target box so it looks similar to below:
  • "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo\Photo.exe" --no-hw-ui

This should get Affinity up and running for you, however please be aware that this is still running without hardware acceleration so might be a bit slower that it should be, however until Microsoft resolve this issue, or new drivers are released there isn't anything else that we can do.

Hope that helps!


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