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Funny but annoying display error when zooming

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Hi there,

I've found an irritating display error (at least I think it is one):

In Affinity Designer ( I've created a new document with three artboards and placed four images (*.afphoto) in it. Then I selected two of the images on the first artboard, copied (ctrl-c) and pasted (ctrl-v) them on the second artboard. Afterwards I selected one of the copied images and clicked "replace document" in the context menu. The recplacement did work, but the display did honour the replacement only at certain zoom levels. If I zoomed in to 100%, everythings looked fine and I could see the new image. The moment I zoomed out, I got the previous image displayed again. I could even repeat that: zoom in - new image, zoom out - previous image, zoom in - new image, zoom out - previous image.

To be fair: Once I'd saved the document, closed and reopened it, everything went as supposed.



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Hey Volker,

I've seen this a few times before but never really managed to reproduce it. I've just followed your recipe and replaced the copied file but still can't reproduce but I definitely think you're on to something. I'll keep trying with a few other documents and hopefully we can get this assigned to the developers. 

If you happen to have a document you could send me to reproduce this, that would be great! 

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