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Batch process improvements

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The Batch processing feature in AP is good, but needs some attention. Here's some missing features I think the app would benefit from:

  • Ability to pause/resume batch and stack up multiple 'jobs' for processing, potentially with different settings, before starting the batch for all of them
  • Better CPU management - to avoid Windows lagging to unusable levels during a batch job (even with parallel disabled), or throttle the amount of CPU used
  • Option to remember last processing settings - and set new persistent defaults
  • Ability to save presets for processing settings (formats and their respective export settings, file names and so on)
  • Ability to jump to the persona and go into mode ready to create macros, straight from the Batch dialog
  • Feature to rewrite / rename / create new file names (either regular expression filename modification, or write new filenames based on a structure using inputted text and variables)
  • Ability to apply a RAW development from the Develop persona to multiple RAW files (at the moment, to batch develop RAWs I need to use Canon DPP4).

When opening CR2s / RAWs, the ability to preview them in the File Open dialog using Affinity Photo's RAW engine would be useful. At the moment, previewing them relies on having a CR2 plugin installed in Windows.

Apologies if any of this is already in the Photo roadmap.

Hello world.

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A variation on the theme of improving the batch processing of RAW files would the option of applying any or all options in the Develop Assistant, e. g. lens correction, color reduction, tone curve.  Right now the lens correction, which I have configured to be automatically applied to RAW files by the Develop Assistant, is not being honored by Batch Job, so I must do that manually, and the simplest way to do that is just to open each RAW file, immediately click "Develop", then in the Photo Persona export it to, say, a JPG or so, then offer the JPG files to Batch Job.

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