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GaryLearnTech • Pages Studio • minor redraw bug

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I've got an old document template (created by a colleague) that only exists as a PDF.  I want to unpick it and rebuild in Publisher from scratch, with the bonus that I'll be able to resolve some minor niggles.  So I have opened it in Publisher and since I'll be swapping backwards and forwards between it and my new version, decided to add  sort of watermark behind each page in the old version.  I put this in a a simple master page as a narrow vertical strip down the right hand side, then applied the master to each page.

I found that when I use the cmd-M keyboard shortcut to swap from this master page to the document pages that the white background of the page extends down to the top of the second page.  This clears when I scroll the page downwards.  Simply clicking backwards and forwards does not trigger this behaviour.  You can see the fault, highlighted, towards the end of this 27 second video.


—— Gary ——
macOS: 10.13.6
iOS: current release
Photo/Designer/Publisher: current releases

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