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File Export; Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear, or Bicubic??

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During export of my RGB/16 and sRGB document... I get the following options;

• Nearest Neighbor
• Bilinear
• Bicubic
• Lanczos 3 (seperable)
• Lanczos 3 (non-seperable)

What's the difference and what gives me best image quality?
And do all have the same compatibility between devices, so that all colors stay true to what they should be?
(I don't want Red to turn out Dark Orange on different devices)

'One Aim'

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The algorithms listed are all non-adaptive, treating all pixels equally. You can read more about that here.

The best choice of algorithm will depend on the type of image, and whether you’re enlarging or shrinking it: Lanczos is generally a better choice when enlarging an image. Lanczos (non-separable) produces a sharper result than Lanczos (separable), sometimes too sharp!

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