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InDesign Weaknesses to Avoid

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Everyone feel free to post your own ideas here. Good place for a catch-all thread. 

Here's one I was reminded of today: when it comes to editing objects set inside of table cells InDesign SUCKS.

Example: If I have two columns that are 20 rows tall, each cell housing a color-coded vector object that has the same shape and scale as every other object in the other 39 cells... can I quickly click-drag (with modifier key or not) those two columns and select 40 items if I want ot change their scale or color or position all at once? No. If I select a column? No. If I select a row? No. Can I shift-selection two items in the same row but different columns? No.

I literally have to make 40 individual selections and make those changes 40 effing times because InDesign's flaw was never fixed to allow rapid object updating inside of tables. And anchored or unachored shouldn't matter. Now imagine it's not two columns but 50 spread across 25 pages. What takes me 3 hours should be doable in 3 minutes! I have searched everywhere for workarounds to this but the frustation is common. There is no workaround. I haven't tried this in Publisher but for the love of the old Gods and the new, Affinity, DO NOT follow this example! I will literally never use anything other than small 5x5 type tables in InDesign again. Their workflow and refusal to fix this limitation is inexcusable in 2018. There should always be an easy way to (at a minimum) shift-click a bunch of objects in individual cells to make the change one time. Ideally you could also select entire columns or rows worth of objects.

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