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GaryLearnTech • Text Frame bug with multiple columns

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Help > Text  > Text frames > Fitting text to frames > To fit frame to frame  text…

The user-guide describes double-clicking the edge handle at the bottom centre of the text frame to fit the frame to the frame text.  This works great for a single frame with multiple columns where the inset is set to 0mm.  See the first image below.

However, if you change the inset to, say, 2mm and then double-click the edge handle as described above, then the fitting fails: see the second image below.  The expected behaviour would be the same as in the first example, but with the inset around it.

NB These two illustrations use a Column Break, which is placed after the last word in the first column, to force the text into the second column.  There is no overflow text in this example.




—— Gary ——
macOS: 10.13.6
iOS: current release
Photo/Designer/Publisher: current releases

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Same here. If you don't use a column break the fault is still there but not as extreme. Right column has more lines than the left column. Using Windows 7.

Windows 7 Pro, I5 3.3G PC 16G RAM

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