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Good afternoon,


If I decide to resize a document from an original photo (3888*2592 px) to a format I wish (700*265 px)  I lose a lot of sharpness. Can some one tell me how to resize with retaining sharpness.


Regards, Maarten

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Hello Maarten,


I'm not sitting in front of AP at the moment, but if I remember correctly it defaults to "Nearest Neighbour" as the re-sample algorithm. IMO this is perhaps the poorest choice one could make when re-sampling an image. Try Bicubic, at a minimum, or even one of the Lanczos algorithms. You don't mention anything about your destination use for this image, but make sure DPI is set properly for intended use. Keep in mind, too, that you're doing a rather severe down-sample; I have no idea how AP might measure up to other algorithms such as PS.


Hope this helps.


Best regards,


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