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Save displays empty box

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When saving after I click another file to use the same filename and then edit the filename so it is using the same details but slightly different, I click save but get an empty box as though the finder has tried to open a folder but that folder has nothing in it.

See attached. I was saving a file called grand-motorbilia-day-bikes but first clicked on a file called grand-motorbilia-day-viper and changed the end bit to bikes.

This happens very occasionally but when it dos I cannot do anything other than force quit. Sometimes when restarting it has a recovery file but in most cases not.


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Hey dradept,

I've been trying this solidly for a good 15 minutes and I just cannot reproduce it. I believe I have seen it reported a long time ago but I can't find the post. 

Aren't you able to press esc to close the dialog? Sounds more like the app is freezing or another dialog is getting stuck behind it, perhaps. 

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Hi Chris,

May have been me that reported originally, not seen any answer to this and it is still occurring.

I have attempted to extricate myself from this in many ways, including escape, various CMD ALT, CTRL, and combinations, nothing works.

This is the save window no other app or window is interfering, the save dialog is getting confused or maybe thinks it is opening a folder rather than a file.

Usually only happens when saving and selecting a filename that already exists and then changing the name before clicking save button.

Doesn't always happen and I am not sure what occurs prior to make this happens. I could have saved a dozen files without incident and then BAM I need to force quit.


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Hi David,

We've reproduced it on Sierra doing it your way. 

On High Sierra, we can only get it to happen if we right-click an existing file and rename it before changing the new file name. 

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