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Mixing pages between documents

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Is it just me, or is opening two documents then dragging + dropping pages from one document to the other not possible?

If so, it would be incredibly useful and could go up against Adobe Acrobat with editing PDFs.

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Hi km.au.

If you open two documents and go to Window menu and select Float All, then you will have two documents open side by side.  If you use the Selection tool (Arrow, top left of lefthand tool bar you can select what you want to copy from the first document. You can then either use Edit menu-Copy   or  Right click and select Copy  or even hold down the Ctrl key and tap C. Then simply click on top of the second document to make it the active window and hold down Ctrl and tap V  or go to Edit-Paste.  Everything selected from the first document will be copied with identical positioning in the second document.

If you have multiple pages in both documents, simply make sure that you select the correct page to copy FROM in document 1  and select the correct page to copy TO in document 2.

from Pman

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