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Lightroom-like spot removal in Photo?

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Hi all - I am desperately trying to wean myself of LR and PS and taken up Affinity Photo to try in parallel.

There are 2  tools I use in LR all the time as a portrait photographer - the vignette and the spot removal because they both are fast to use  and very customisable.

Most alternatives I have looked at go the PS route of a heal, clone or remove tool that is linear in nature and you can't  easily go back to previous repair to remove  or change its opacity without a crazy amount of layering.

The spot removal tool in LR is particularly useful as you can quickly and effectively heal or clone small-large areas with variable opacity and the ability to go back and  modify / remove individual spots any time. The variable opacity is key to me as its great for gently de-emphasising blemishes and wrinkles without actually removing them if they are part of a subject's character. The ability to go back any time to any spot and change it it in a non-linear fashion is damn useful too.

Is there any way of doing something like this in Affinity please?

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Malc Campbell and Welcome to the Forums,

The closest we can get, which will allow you to alter the opacity of heal or cloned area you've worked on would be by adding a blank pixel layer before using the Heal/Clone tool (set the source to current layer and below) and using the tool on the blank layer.  This would allow you to go back and alter the opacity of the whole layer.

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Many thanks for your reply - that's how I would do it in PS etc.

I'm also trying DXOs photolab that is much better than LR for handling RAW noise and camera/lens profiles before going to Affinity etc and is not under a subscription.

It has an object repair tool which is an 'all or nothing' affair with no choice of selection sampling, opacity etc - and undo wise REALLY doesn't like too many step backs if it doesn't do it right!

I still find myself dropping in to LR just for speed and the blasted spot removal tool :-(

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