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Pixel brush leaves double pixels with 1 px width.

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I am using Microsoft Surface with Touch screen turned off to prevent accidental smears. My touch sensitivity is also turned off to use 1x1 pixel brush.

What I am seeing is that there are certain columns of pixels that are ignored when I tap on them, no matter how zoomed out or in.

What's worse is a column near such a blank column always draws on both columns, resuling in a 2x1 block instead of a 1x1 block. This happens in both regular and alternative mode (erase). Thus there are columns in the picture where drawing pixel-perfect art or even a straight line at an incline is impossible, resulting in jagged appearance that cannot be fixed by hand.

It's the whole column of the screen like this... they happen every 5-10 pixels.

I've gone through a lot of options and I can't find one that would turn off this "feature". Please advise.

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Apparently this issue went away after I enabled force pixel alignment and restarted the program. Something is wonky, I don't know how to reproduce the problem again.

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