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Long Time Fireworks Looking To Switch - User Comparison

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As long time Fireworks users since 2000, we are still using it as it still provides the best all-in-one bitmap, vector and UI design tool providing fast workflow (in our opinion). Unfortunately Adobe seem to be the in the home straight now of killing it off not even offering support of any kind for it despite it still being available with the Creative Cloud desktop albeit with some issues now. However we are really encouraged with the new publisher tool and can't wait to see and test it with designer and photo integrated to see how seamlessly that works.

Here is some feedback (I'm assuming Affinity monitor the forum), after looking at Affinity Designer over the last few weeks, some things we would miss or couldn't find in Designer that are frequently used and/or useful in Fireworks.

  1. I can't see a save all or close all option to save or close all current documents in Designer?
  2. Batch options are they available in Designer, I can see some in Photo?
  3. In Fireworks there are two simple but frequently used options crop document (while selecting an object on the canvas it fits the canvas to the selected object) or fit canvas (resizes the canvas to fit all objects on the canvas). I can't see how to do these tasks quickly in Designer, but it must be there somewhere?
  4. Applying textures to shapes and vectors is simplified in Fireworks via the properties panel I don't think you have that simplicity in Designer at the moment.
  5. Photoshop plug-in support natively in Designer without having to switch to Photo, Fireworks has it although it only tends to be compatible with older Photoshop plug-ins these days. Incidently  FYI, my old Knoll Light Factory (v3.2)  plug-in crashes in Affinity Photo, although the plug-in is no longer being updated  it still works OK in Photoshop CC 2018.
  6. There is a simple yet handy command in Fireworks called auto vector mask that simplifies masking and creating fade out effects, its really useful and frequently used. ]]

Hope that constructive  :)

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