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Printer settings for A5 margins

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I'm setting up A4 landscape to be folded into 4 pages of A5 portrait. As far as I can make out the procedure is to set the Document settings as A5 portrait, and when ready to print, print as Booklet onto A4 landscape.

Setting up the margins of the A5 document, I click Printer Settings. On my printer the Bottom is a lot wider than Top, Left and Right. Publisher sets the bottom of the A5 page to the wide margin. I need the wide margin on the trailing edge of the A4, not the bottom of the A5.

There is also an oddity about the printout. The outside pages are printed with the top of the A5 pages on the left, the inside pages with the top of the A5 pages on the right. Once one knows one can feed the second side in accordingly, but I wonder whether there is a setting to adapt this.

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Hi jatclat

Margins are only set by page, when margins are set from printer they can only reference the default single page portrait print as is does not know what your final output and orientation is. If you know you need you margins a specific way for how you are choosing to print then it is best to alter them manually

It sounds like you are using one of the two duplex options this only really work well if you have an actual duplex printer that does double sided printing otherwise keep this to single sheet.


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