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Affinity Publisher create issues

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Hello Masters of Graphics Tools!!!

I'm still amazed with all features of AFP!!! Very good, excellent work guys!!!

I have found two issues to verify...

1) When we create a New Document, changing DImensions doesn't change the Page Preset to Custom (like occurs in AFD/AFP); and

2) After create a New Document, when we choose Document Setup there isn't Dimensions Tab (like occurs in AFD/AFP - Maybe will be implemented later...).

That's it. For now...

PS.: Can I buy yet??? (kkkkkkkkkkk) If I can, I will!!!




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I posted in the wrong place ...I'm sorry...

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I have split your post into its own thread as the first issue is a bug I believe. I will have it reported to the developers. 

The second issue is because Publisher is a multi page application and the dimensions of each page can be set in page setup, where those dimensions may or may not be the same for all pages in the document. 

Patrick Connor

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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