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Ian Brockbank

Strange artefacts importing PDF exported from PPX8

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I've now looked in more detail at my file imported from a PDF-X3 exported from PPX8. It has some strange artefacts on one page.

Unfortunately the files are too large to attach here.  How can I submit them?



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You can always upload them to dropbox or the like and provide a link.

I cannot recall if X8 had PDF/X-4 capabilities, but that keeps any transparency live. You can also just Publish to PDF out at the highest "compatibility" level and that too keeps layers and live transparency.

And also try an Publish to PDF using the DrawPlus compatibility and see if that imports. It too keeps transparency and layers if I recall.

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Hi Pauls,

Yes, I'm still seeing it with  I've managed to cut it down to a single representative page.  I've just uploaded as requested.

  • TraladaraGods.ppp is the PagePlus file (stripped down to the offending page)
  • TraladaraGods.pdf is the original export from PagePlus
  • TraladaraGods.afpub is the same file imported and saved
  • TraladaraGodsAFPUB.pdf is the version exported from AP

Note the dots at the start of some of the sentences in AP which aren't there in the original PP PDF

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Where the dots appear in the publisher file there is also a non-breaking space and another space in the PagePlus file. Is there any reason why that non-breaking space is there in the first place ?

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