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Colour difference in Preview and Affinity Photo/Designer

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I'm wondering why Affinity Photo and Designer are opening PDF file in different colour than I can see it on MacOS native Preview app?

File is package print design I got from client in PDF format. I believe it has been made originally using Illustrator. When I open it in Designer I see extra red layer with blending mode multiply over graphic layer. Not sure what is it's purpose.

Any idea what I'm dealing with?


Best, Juha

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12 hours ago, ballardstudio said:

Possible chance that it could be a layer used as a mask.

Hi, thanks it seems so. I had to add new fill colour using that mask layer.

Maybe Affinity apps are not recognising something by default? Unfortunately I can't share my file for this time, but I have seen similar kind of stuffs when I used to use Illustrator. It had some strange name I can't remember anymore. Maybe overlay or something. 

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