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Latest Update Crushes a lot!

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After the latest update the app cruses randomly when closing a file for example or playing around with a brush. I can only submit the data, hopefully a fix on the way...

Designer iPad.wakeups-resource-2018-09-04-120505 (1).ips

Designer iPad.wakeups-resource-2018-09-04-120505.ips

Designer iPad.wakeups-resource-2018-09-04-181544 (1).ips

Designer iPad.wakeups-resource-2018-09-04-181544.ips

Designer iPad-2018-09-04-182336.ips

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Hi ZeusZeus,

Are you able to reproduce this at all? Could you record a screen showing the crashing or give a bit more information please? When you say 'playing around with a brush' Was that in the Vector or Pixel Persona? What tool and brush were you using? There is a known crash when using the Pencil Tool with a Rope Stabiliser and Pressure.

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Unfortunately its rather random that's why I attached the data reports. As for the Vector brush, I was playing around with its settings and I pressed OK it crushed. I will try that again and see. Thank you for your response.

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