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margin setting on new document screen

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I'm confused by this first "New Document" screen.

I am delighted to see the Facing pages view. Thank you!

I ticked Facing pages setup. Top margin selection boxes say Left and Right. Bottom set, Inner and Outer. I assumed this is where I could set a binding gutter for my facing pages. I hope I am right.

However, these controls seem to control top and bottom margins, and I see no adjustment for different inner and outer margins for a binding allowance.  

Toggling "Facing pages" box to off resets these bottom boxes to read Top and Bottom.

Occasionally those bottom boxes give a tool tip for Top and Bottom margins even with the Facing Pages box ticked and the boxes titled Inner and Outer.

I do need different inner and outer adjustable margins for binding gutter allowance.   

Is the Facing pages Inner and Outer not completely implemented yet? In Facing pages setup, if the bottom boxes are to be used for Inner and Outer, how would I then set Top and Bottom? Wouldn't it be better to toggle Left and Right with Inner and Outer, and leave the Top and Bottom set alone?


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Hi mycroft 

The inner will change depending on the orientation of the facing pages, but inner will affect the margin used against where the pages join whilst outer will affect the ouside edges of the page. this can be seen more easily when applying the margin to a 2 page spread. you can use these to set a margin for page binding

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Thanks for the response, Chris, 

Your answer is the behavior I was expecting and hoped for, but the “New Document “ screen I had didn’t work that way. However,  the display for margin buttons was fixed in my download of the latest build, and my program now works as expected (and as you describe).

I m really liking this program......  Mycroft

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