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Fahad Javed

Blurred Image while Duplicating layers in Affinity Photo for iPad[Update:Screen Capture added]

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I am having some issues with regards to Duplicating Layers while working in Affinity Photo for iPad. The anomaly that i am getting is the image is getting a bit blurred,when a copy of a layer is pasted. This is an issue when you are copying layers and you do not want a second half of the image to be blurred and first half to be sharp.Here is a clip of that:


Secondly, is there a way to hide the panel at the bottom of Affinity photo for ipad when selecting brushes or filters,as a lot of times i accidentally select the color picker or brush size options through my wrists and its a recurring issue,especially when i am in the middle of the work and i have to change the color or option back to the original color i was working with.

Finally, i am also getting an issue of canvas rotation using two finger rotate gesture, which does not work some times,as the canvas remains in a fixed position.


[Tested on Affinity Photo for iPad Version = 1.6.8]




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Hey Fahad Javed,

You should be able to fix this by enabling Snapping > Force pixel alignment > Move by whole pixels. Once you have moved the stroke, it will snap to a full pixel and won't have to interpolate which is causing you the blurriness. 

To answer your second question, no. It has been requested that this can be toggled but even hiding the UI will keep the context toolbar. Have you tried enabling Touch for gestures only from Preferences > Tools? This is assuming you're using an Apple Pencil.

For your third issue, I don't seem to have an issue with this gesture. It always seems to work, no matter what tool I'm using. Can you enable Show touches and do a quick recording?

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Hi Chris.

Thanks for answering these. I'll try the snapping option you have suggested.

In the second,query,yes i have enabled this,as then it was painting with the selected brush even if my wrist touches the screen,so enabling this only lets me take input from the Apple Pencil. Touching the panel is an issue,especially when using the 10.5 inch version of iPad Pro. What i can make out is this toggle switch disables touch on the canvas, but not on the panel at the bottom. Its a big pain,as many times the wrist activates the 'Alpha' lock button,disabling the brush input or picking a color that i did not intended to select.

For the third issue, i will capture a recording in case this issue shows up again. Rotation not working issue comes up occasionally,not every time. What it does is canvas rotation stops working or freezes when using the rotation gesture,even if i am applying that. Closing and then opening the file again lets me work with that.

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