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Issues I had

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This is a combination of bugs/suggestions for improvement that I experienced while working with the program for a couple of hours. I originally put it in the other section but realized that it probably fits more in this section so copied it over.  


  • When creating master templates, it would be nice to have the ability to do arrays with duplication. Meaning, if you highlight an object you want to duplicate you can click an array button to fill in the preset margins with the max number copies that will fill in the page, or the max number of copies that will fill in a row or column. 
  • After applying a master template to a page, the changes you make to that page should not also affect the master template page. (I applied the master template to a page, imported images and when I placed them it applied them to both the page I was working on AND the master template. Also, when I applied that particular master template to another page, it also applied the photos. If I changed or deleted a photo on any of the pages it changed it on all 3 pages.)
  • Images imported: it seems to delete images you have brought into the program using the "Place Image Tool" for almost any reason. If I try to import another image, all the images I previously imported are deleted. If I place an image and then realize I placed it wrong it and undo the action it deletes it from the "Place Images" tab and I cannot easily reimport the image without deleting the others. If you click on any other tools to do anything else, it deletes the images you imported. Will there be a way for images to not get deleted so easily?
  • It would be really nice if you can import some images, and then import more as needed at a later time while keeping all the ones you originally imported. It would be nice to place an image back in that tab if you mistakenly place it and want to move it somewhere else.
  • Why does it rotate all images so they are landscape instead of keeping as they are in the original file? (Some were a portrait, some were a landscape, but all images were imported as landscape.)
  • It would also be really nice if there was a separate tab where used images where located and it kept track of how many instances an image was used and, if possible, on which page(s). 
  • When placing an image into a picture frame which has already been made to the desired size, it should not resize the picture frame. 
  • Can you make it so we can edit borders on images easily? (i.e. if we want the same color and size board on multiple images, we should be able to select all the images we want to change and then change them all at once.) Additionally, if you add borders then it should be limited to the size of the picture frame, not be larger than the desired margins. Adding a border does not allow you to easily snap the photo to the print margin without the border being outside of the print margin. 
  • Can you make it easier to scale and center an image after you have placed it into a picture frame? Currently, you have to double click the picture frame itself and hope it has moved to the image instead of the frame OR you have to click on the photo in the layers list and then go back to resize it. It would be nice if the scroll button on the mouse made the image smaller or larger (in aspect ratio) when cropping the image itself and not the picture frame. I am also assuming we will be able to edit photos (to adjust contrast, balance, shadows, etc.) after the photo persona is properly linked.
  • Margin snapping to the halfway between the designated margins, both vertically and horizontally.
  • Have an option where grid only appears within the designated margins.

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Hi Jessyca

As some of these are feature requests, I;m not really the one who can say what gets implemented so I shall leave these for now and address more the bugs here.

The image rotation is an issue with the exif rotation within the image it is something we are not reading correctly so are not rotating the image to portrait . It;s a knonw issue with all our current apps I;m afraid

We list the instances of placed resources in the Resource Manager. You can find in by going to the Document Menu > Resource Manager

The picture shouldn't resize when you place and image into it and it is not for me. Are you able to provide any more information on this such as steps you are taking to place the image?

You should already be able to adjust strokes applied to multiple images by selecting them all and using the colour and stroke panels. How are you currently applying a border? The border snapping is a fair point

If you have a picture frame selected with an image inside it using the picture frame tool you get a small slider beneath the frame which adjusts the image scale making it large or smaller within the image. You can also select the image within the layers panel and resize it using the move tool. You will be able to edit the image in the photo persona but you can also add basic adjustments to an image form the layout persona too. On the layer panel there  is a half filled circle button which allows you to apply adjustments such as curves, levels etc as a new adjustment layer

We already snap to margin midpoints. You can set this in the snapping options found in the small drop down arrow next to the magnet button. You can alus use the arrange menu to align the object to the centre of a margin



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