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Is it just me, or have we lost the function to draw lines?

We use PP X9 at the moment to draw all the parts for our product catalogue. Page Plus has always been excellent for this, as it displays the length of the line too (which is perfect for our actual size drawings!)

I can't seem to find this possible at all in Affinity.

I also can't seem to be able to drag in guide lines on Affinity, which again was a quite basic function of Page Plus.

It seems like Affinity has taken a few steps backwards in regards to functionality...

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Hi stephisaur,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
You can draw lines using the Pen Tool (enable Line Mode in the Mode section in the context toolbar if you want to limit it to single lines/segments). To drag guides from the rulers make sure Enable Guides Editing is enabled in the main toolbar.


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