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White square with ARIAL

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Hey Frustalupi,

It looks like an issue with ligatures. Calibri is working as it's combining the two f's and Comic Sans doesn't have an ff ligature AFAIK. 

I just opened your PDF and added the ff and it worked correctly. I suspect you either have a funny version of Arial or we've changed something which has affected your version of Arial. Any chance you could zip your version of Arial up and attach it?

I won't pretend to know everything about fonts but there's a few users on the forum who I would consider specialists so hopefully we might get some input from them. 

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It looks like you're using the same version of Arial as me and I've tried an export which works fine. 

If you really needed to use Arial you can disable the ligatures from the Character Panel. What export settings are you using for PDF? I can't imagine any of them having an effect on this but it's worth a shot... 

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