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The website says:


Full support for AI, PSD, PDF and SVG files gives you all the flexibility you need and means whether you switch to Affinity Designer for all your work, or just elements of what you do, it's completely painless.


but for the love of god, I cannot open a PDF file in the Affinity Designer.


Am I doing something wrong?



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Hello Agatha,

Welcome to the forums.

You're doing nothing wrong. Affinity Designer is still in Beta (in development). Some features are not implemented yet (being PDF one of them) or aren't fully working.

The info provided on the site refers to the feature set that would be available in the final product. It should be available to buy around October.

Meanwhile you can test the beta version for free. There's a new update every Tuesday, with new finished features and improvements.


The information about the new features available on today's beta is here.

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AI and PDF import are nearly there to be honest, but we held off including them in the beta yesterday and will do so until we are happy with them: There's no point us giving beta testers something which we know isn't right yet because all we'll do is make work for the active testers and also a lot of people will not visit the forum, just try out the feature and spot the things we know aren't ready yet and then not bother with the product again - even though we would've got it all working shortly afterwards!

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