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When reading/importing a designer file into Publisher, it would be intuitive to have the option to import artboards as pages. Currently the whole document is imported as a single page with multiple artboards.

A work around is to create a PDF and load that as then the pages are correctly handled - however the text isn't handled quite correctly - odd letterspacing, justification etc...

Just a thought.



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I'm curious how you imported it. I just "placed" a .afdesign file that has two artboards, and only one of them is visible in Publisher.

If I instead use File > Open I get a new document with one page containing two artboards. I agree that having an easy way to get it opened as multiple pages would be nice. Or an easy way to transform the artboards to pages.

(Interesting possible bug: Once I've opened the file, and have that 1 page with 2 artboards, I cannot create any additional pages in that document. Document > Add Page and the icons in the Pages panel are all grayed out and/or non-functional.)

-- Walt

Windows 10 Home, version 1809, 16GB memory, Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00Gz
Affinity Photo and Beta
Affinity Designer 1.6..5.123 and Beta
Affinity Publisher Beta

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I just opened an .afdesign file and it asks if I wish to make a copy or not.

As for the page additions, you can get around the bug by 'ctrl'/'cmd' dragging a page to duplicate it but yes there is an issue with adding pages too

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Why do you need to change artboards to pages? If you need artboards you should use AD, if you need pages you should use Publisher ; IMHO. Only situation you need that conversion is that you have started making a book with AD since Publisher was not available yet, understood what a stupid idea it was :D and want now to convert to Publisher.

Or what is the idea behind this?

(Ok, I think that if there is an option for that conversion it is ok to include it...)

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