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First of all kudos for Affinity Publisher. For a first Beta, it's absolutely impressive.

One feature that I really need in order to consider replacing Quark and InDesign with Affinity Publisher is the integration with Antidote (https://www.antidote.info) – and I'm pretty sure that many users who work regularly with french text will agree.

Is anything planned?



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I just stumbled onto this thread, and I am happy to see fellow Antidote users in this forum. I suspect we are a rather small minority, so I never even bothered mentioning it as a feature request. Although I don’t feel right claiming this is a “must have” feature, for my own work, I don’t know what I would do without it.

I think the impetus for integration rests more with Druide than it does with Serif (although it would surely require Serif’s cooperation). On the Antidote website, they do invite this kind of feedback:


If you would like us to integrate Antidote with other software, please contact us.

They may not be interested in integrating with a beta, but once Affinity Publisher goes public, I do intend to contact them. Here’s the link for anyone interested:

https://www.antidote.info/en/contact (English)

https://www.antidote.info/fr/contact (French)

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