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Bug: Transparent Background in PDF Turns into Black

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3 hours ago, Patrick Connor said:


Please can you attach a PDF file to a post that imports with a black background in your tests, thank you


It seems in our case that the PDF contains a black hidden bottom layer.

In a PDF viewer, the layer is not shown. Which is correct.
In Publisher, the hidden layers is displayed, so the bottom layers shines through.

So.... the PDF seems not to be in a good state with such hidden layers,
but Publisher may also have a closer look on that embedded layers in the PDF.

I deleted the bottom layer from the PDF, so it was working in Publisher as excepted.




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13 hours ago, Patrick Connor said:


Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :) 

Thanks for the work around, which may well be appreciated, but this is the bugs forum where we want to know if the software can be improved

Hello :)

Thanks for the feedback!

I answered because I thought I had a similar problem yesterday with one imported PDF - so I wanted to help quickly.

Anyway, after reading the further replies it seems to me that my problem was another one. The PDF I had to import had PNG logos with transparency in it. It looked fine in Publisher but the exported PDF showed black backgrounds. My work around was to edit it in Designer, save it als AFDESIGN and than place it in Publisher. I think that the PDF that was given to me was not correctly exported. There were no black layers only PNGs with transparency. 



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I found this thread this morning while I was having issues with png files showing with a black background once exported as a PDF and printed. I spent hours trying to figure out what the issue was. I finally found a solution that worked. All I had to do was change one thing on the export screen, and the black box was gone.

File > Export > PDF > PDF Preset > PDF/X-4

Worth a try if you're having this issue.

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